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Scotland & England – May 19-28, 2014


Make the world your classroom with LCC and EF Tours!


Plan your trip now for May 19-28, 2014, and travel with Allison Colson, LCC students and adult members of the community on a ten day tour that encompasses Edinburgh in Scotland, and London in Great Britain. 


Read all about the May 2014 “Scotland and Ireland” trip here.  Under “Check Out My Professor's Tour,” enter the tour number 1286967JE, and click “Go.”


Enroll early! Spreading out the payments over the intervening time period can reduce monthly payments to as low as $350/month. enroll by August 31, 2013, to receive a Back to School Discount of $150. If participants are interested, fund-raising activities can be arranged.


To enroll, visit or call 1-877-485-4184.


Optional: Earn college credit as part of the May 2014 educational experience.

Scholarships and Financial Aid may be applied to the tuition fees for any LCC course credits earned in conjunction with the tour.

Why should students travel abroad?


The Community College Times article “Study Abroad Increases Access, Opportunities,” by Rosalind Raby and Gary Rhodes, describes the value of international travel:  “For study abroad programs to grow at community colleges, there needs to be a shared understanding that such programs are not a luxury for the few, but that they are one of the more effective ways to help students obtain international literacy skills that will assist them to transfer to four-year institutions or proceed into the workplace.”  Raby and Rhodes describe several benefits of international travel for community college students:  “changes in perception and attitude toward global relationships, increased interest in politics and social service, significant learning curve growth in interpersonal skills, academic performance and reduction of cultural stereotypes.”  Additionally, student travelers “may improve language skills” and “relearn heritage cultures and histories.”  Finally, “for students who have not traveled beyond their own neighborhoods, studying abroad becomes a life-altering experience.”


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In May of 2007, LCC students and friends traveled together with a group of students and friends from Pittsburg State University to London, England, for a week of fun and learning. 


View photos of the 2007 trip.  “Curtain Time”


LCC student Hattie Steverson (’07) and her friend Darren Weaver who traveled with Allison Colson to London in 2007 stated enthusiastically that the experience was positively life-altering.


For more information, contact:



Allison Colson


Office:  M108E


Phone:  620-820-1148




                                                          Buckingham Palace, London, May 2007