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Concurrent Course Costs

Tuition $48.00 per credit hour
Incidental Fees $42.00 per credit hour

Regular Per credit hour without Jumpstart: $90.00

Material fees (some courses may have these additional fees)

Online course fee: $30.00 per credit hour (most are 3 credits, so $90.00)

With Jumpstart Scholarship: (which covers tuition, but not fees)

1 credit hour course: $42.00

3 credit hour course: 126.00

5 credit hour course: $210.00

1 credit online course with Jumpstart: $72.00 (Lifetime Fitness or Orientation)

3 credit online course with Jumpstart: $216.00


All students are responsible for purchasing textbooks.

High school students are not eligible for federal Financial Aid or Loan

High school students are not eligible for textbook scholarships


Still Have questions?

Contact Nancy Newby
Extension & Concurrent Coordinator
Labette Community College
620-820-1221 (office)
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