COMPASS Math Test Supplemental Review

Placement Testing For Degree-Seeking Students

The purpose of placement testing is to enhance student success in college. Placement test scores are used to place students in the most appropriate level for success. All degree-seeking students who enroll at Labette Community College for the first time must take a COMPASS placement test or provide appropriate SAT or ACT scores prior to enrollment.

Students needing to take the COMPASS placement test and wishing to prepare for the test so as to obtain the best possible placement have a couple of review options. Paper and pencil review material for the COMPASS test can be obtained from both the LCC Student Success Center and the LCC Cherokee Center. 

An example of a sample COMPASS placement test can be found at the below link. This practice test contains not only math placement tests but reading and writing tests as well. The below Math COMPASS Practice Test has 5 sections: Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. As the student takes the COMPASS test, the questions become more difficult as the student correctly answers test questions and easier as students incorrectly answer test questions until a determination can be made as to the student's skill level. This is then used to place the student in the appropriate math class. 

In addition to the Sample COMPASS Practice Test, there is a video showing how to solve all the problems on the practice test. 

Sample COMPASS Practice Test

Additional resources are also available at the Labette Community College Student Success Center. Furthermore, the COMPASS placement test is produced by the same organization that produces the ACT test. Practice tests and other review material for the COMPASS test can be obtained from ACT at the below link.

Sample COMPASS Questions from ACT

Finally, additional resources regarding COMPASS Test preparation can also be found at the below links.

My Compass Test

Compass Test Practice

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