Military Leave of Absence (Procedure 4.111)

Labette Community College supports students who are members of the United States Armed Forces and Reserve Units. To assist them, as well as protect and safeguard their status as LCC students, and in accordance with federal law, the college has adopted a Student Military Leave of Absence Procedure.

Authorization for Student Military Leave of Absence

A student requesting leave for either short periods or extended periods of military service must give advance written notice by completing a Labette Community College Student Military Leave of Absence Form (MLOA).

The student must also submit a copy of military orders as soon as they are available. If the student is required by the military to leave immediately, a family member or other designated party may submit a copy of the orders and complete the Student Military Leave of Absence Form (MLOA) on the student’s behalf.

Military Leave of Absence Forms is available online from the Military-Connected Student Services. The completed authorization form must be submitted to the Military-Connected Student Services, Student Success Center, L107B, or online to

To be readmitted, the student must give written or email notice of the intent to reenroll to as soon as reasonably possible after the completion of the period of their service. If the student is recovering from a service-related injury or illness, they must notify

A student who does not submit a timely notification of intent may not be eligible for the benefits outlined herein.

Short Periods of Military Duty (up to 2 weeks)

Students may be called to fulfill their duties for training or short-term deployment, which cause students to be absent from classes for a short period of time. These absences qualify as “excused absences” which means that the absence, with an approved MLOA, is not subject to penalty and course work may be satisfied through agreement between individual instructors and students.

The following guidelines apply to students whose military services has necessitated their absence in courses for a short period of time. These students must complete the Military Leave of Absence form and supply a copy of their orders to the Military-Connected Student Services Coordinator.

  1. A student who will be absent for up to two weeks will be allowed to make up any missed work within a reasonable time frame (generally up to 30 days) without a grade penalty. In addition to completing the MLOA, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate in writing directly with each instructor, as far in advance as possible, so appropriate accommodations can be made. Students are also strongly encouraged to complete coursework in advance, whenever possible.
  2. Faculty members are expected to make reasonable academic accommodations or opportunities for students to complete course assignments and/or exams (see c. below) without penalty to the course grade for class absence(s) or missed deadlines due to military training or obligations. Students will provide faculty members with a copy of their approved MLOA with as much advance notification as possible for absences that will result from temporary responsibilities of their military obligations. For time-sensitive state or federal emergencies/activations where written documentation may not be available until the end of the obligation, the student is responsible for securing the orders to provide to the Military-Connected Student Services Coordinator upon return to the College.
  3. Military students have the option of contacting LCC Testing services for make-up exams at no charge.

Extended Periods of Military Duty (more than 2 weeks

A student who will be absent for more than two weeks after classes begin should request a complete withdrawal from the current term in addition to filing the MLOA form.

The following guidelines apply only to students whose service in the military has necessitated their sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from their enrollment at Labette Community College.  These students must complete the Military Leave of Absence form, supply a copy of their orders to the Military-Connected Student Services (MCSS) Coordinator, complete the Add/Drop/Withdraw Form and any other required paperwork with their major advisor, MCSS Coordinator, and instructor.

  1. If the MLOA is filed within the full refund date of the semester, Courses dropped will result in a full refund of tuition and fee charges. Courses will not appear on transcript. (Usually two weeks into the semester).
  2. If  the MLOA is received after the full refund date of the semester, the student has the following options:
    1. WM – Withdrawal Military - Courses dropped after the full refund date of the semester will result in a full refund of tuition and fees charges.  Courses will appear on the transcript as a WM. 
    2. IM – Incomplete Military - may be an option to students who would like to complete the course by the following semester. Using this option will need approval of the instructor.  (This is similar to what is available to non-military LCC students, but is typically only used if a student is near the end of a semester.  IM could be applied any time during a semester, with instructor approval.)

Contact Information

Sara Comer, LMSW

O: 620-820-1152
Location: Military Lounge, Student Success Center
Veterans Crisis Line
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