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Online Courses


Online learning offers many benefits, such as the freedom to attend class when it is convenient for you. However, it isn't for everyone. Online classes are not recommended for anyone in need of accommodations. We would advise taking the class on ground.

If you are looking for a list of Online courses you can find them by looking at the Course Schedule on the homepage and then changing the campus to Online.  This will give you a complete listing of all online courses for the semester.

Students wanting to take online courses at LCC need to have the following skills prior to enrolling in any online course:

  • Good Reading, Writing, and Typing Skills

  • Should be able to-- Navigate the Internet, enter a web address, and follow internet links

  • Basic word processing knowledge-cut and paste and knowledge of how to save files

  • Send and receive e-mail, create and open e-mail, and add file attachments to e-mails

All students who have enrolled in online courses must email the respective online instructors prior to the first day of classes.  For your instructors email address go to http://www.labette.edu/directory/facdir.htm

Students enrolled in an Online or Hybrid course must have a computer or computer access with reliable internet access.  Please note that a Smart Phone or iPad (tablet) does not meet all of the requirements needed for an online course.

If you are new to online courses check out the New Online student workshops by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of this page.

Is Online Learning Right For Me?
(Click the link above to take the quiz)

Need Instructions?
How to log in to Courses in the RedZone

  • Go to www.labette.edu

  • Select RedZone Login Icon

  • Enter your student ID number as your username

  • Enter your PIN number as your password
    (Call 820-1146 if you donít have one or enter your ID number in the username box and click forgot password and one will be sent to your email)

  • Once logged in, you start on the Student Page (Tab)

  • Find the Quick Links area on the lower Left of the page, and choose My Courses

  • This should display your current courses for the active semester.

Please Note:

  • New courses do not show up on your list until the previous term is over.

  • Your instructor may not make your online courses available for you to enter until the day classes start.

  • Within 1-2 week prior to the start of your online course the instructor should have a "Launch Page" available for you to see.  This page should explain the details of the course.  This is your opportunity to review it and see if this course meets your needs, schedules and time restrictions.

  • If you try to get in before that, and get an error message, it means the instructor has not made it available to students yet.


Course participation 

  • If you log into your online course any time after the start of class, that is the same as attending a class session, even if you don't submit any work. This means unless you drop it before the end of the full refund date you will be responsible for paying for the class.

  • To drop an online course and receive a full refund during the fall and spring semester, you must drop during the first week of class. For Summer, you must drop during the first week (Mon-Thu) of your session.

  • Always Check the LCC Academic calendar for exact drop/refund dates, since they may vary.

If you have more questions: please E-mail the instructor or email

Online Support

620-820-1241 (office 8-4:30 pm M-F) 
620-778-0122 (evenings and weekends)


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