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Online Courses Online Any time
Electronics Program Description Parsons Fall-Spring-Summer
C.M.A. Online/Columbus February 2, 2019
C.N.A. Online/Parsons February 4, 2019
C.N.A. Online/Columbus February 4, 2019
C.N.A. Online/Pittsburg February 11, 2019
C.M.A. Recertification Online February 18, 2019
C.M.A. Online/Parsons March 3, 2019
C.M.A. Recertification Online May 6, 2019

Program Contacts

Ross Harper

Workforce Education and Career Training Director
(620) 820-1278

Melissa Bruce

Instructional Assistant
(620) 820-1273

Trudy Hill

Workforce Assistant
(620) 820-1257