Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

What do Administrative Assistants do?

Administrative assistants perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties are necessary to run and maintain organizations efficiently. They schedule appointments, give information to callers, organize and maintain files, fill out forms, and transcribe dictation. As downsizing occurs in companies, the trend is toward having secretaries assume more administrative responsibilities.

Generally, administrative assistants work closely with executives or administrators. A similar position is an Executive Secretary. Administrative assistants many times have the qualifications needed to be an Office manager.

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A Certificate or a Degree?

A certificate of completion is issued after a student completes the required Office Technology courses. It takes 24-32 hours to complete a certificate program.

Many students choose to continue with their education to obtain an Associate in Applied Science degree. This requires about thirty more credit hours and includes some general education courses. The student is able to participate in the graduation ceremony and will receive a degree. Check out the Degree/Certificate Requirements on the Office Technology home page for a full list of requirements.

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Professor of Business Administrative Technology
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