The Graphic Design Technology Program provides a foundation in combining visual concepts with technology to communicate ideas through print and web applications. Program curriculum involves creative thinking and problem solving projects using traditional design skills and the latest in digital technology.

About the GDT Program


Students will gain a solid foundation of design principles and creative thinking in order to solve graphic design problems.


Students will learn the design process using traditional drawing and sketching through digital production.


Curriculum includes immersion in industry software and technology including the latest techniques in web design.


Students will learn about types of cameras, composition, exposure, studio lighting, and photo editing techniques.


Our courses include hands-on lab hours using industry standard equipment and Adobe CC software.


Students will develop a portfolio of quality work used for gaining employment or for transfer to a four-year university.


Graphic Design courses are offered only once per year, therefore following the recommended course sequence is essential in completing degree requirements within a two year period. It is recommended that you make an appointment with your advisor to plan completion of general education requirements along with the core graphics.

A.A.S. Degree Requirements   |   Certificate Requirements


An introductory course dealing with the elements and principles of design, perception, and spatial organization. Design concepts, materials, media, and graphic design processes are explored using traditional and digital methods.
This introductory course into the Macintosh computer explores basic computer skills, with emphasis given to page layout for desktop publishing. Students will learn basic skills using design and illustration, photo-imaging and page layout software.
An introduction to the theory and practice of typographic design. The principles of type are studied, focusing on letterforms, point size, kerning, leading, and appropriate type selection. The study and identification of type families and categories will be emphasized. Students will learn the typographic elements and techniques by which they can effectively communicate to a mass audience. Instruction will consist of lecture, class discussion, and projects.
Digital Photography is a study of current electronic imaging processes related to photography. Digital cameras will be used to capture images. Adobe Photoshop software and computers will serve as the digital darkroom.
This course explains the basic principles of color as applied to pigment, light and print. Color psychology, symbolism, manipulation, sensation, temperature, harmonies, timulate further inquiry into graphic design and client/sales persuasion. The course uses lecture, discussion, and color exercises to explore color theory and application.
This is an introductory course in photo imaging using computers, a scanner, a digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop software. Students will learn to create and manipulate photo images and incorporate those images into graphic design. Image quality and the use of photography in the design process will be emphasized.
This course will focus on using the Macintosh computer as an Illustrative/Graphic Design tool. Students will create graphics and illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. The use of design and illustration is emphasized.
Using Adobe InDesign as the page layout program, students will incorporate graphics, scanned images, digital photography and text into various design projects. Concept development, design quality and effectiveness of communication will be emphasized.
This course will emphasize the application of graphic design elements to various three-dimensional forms. Creative solutions to the design and assembly of product packaging and displays using traditional materials and digital design tools will be explored. Students will conceptualize visually and verbally, sketch ideas in a rough form, and develop final concepts into three-dimensional mockups with computer-generated graphics.
An introductory level course in computer graphics animation. Creating moving images for Internet and multi-media applications will be featured.
An advanced course dealing with the relationship of the designer to different audiences. The potential of graphics as a vehicle for communication in signage, editorials, print, posters, television, radio and displays. Traditional and electronic media will be utilized to develop concepts specific to a client’s needs and/or constraints. Design trends will be explored as pertaining to different graphic materials will be discussed.
In this course, the student will develop a portfolio of work that demonstrates the conceptual abilities and technical skills necessary to gain employment in the field of graphic design. Creative marketing and self-promotion techniques will be discussed to assist the student in developing and designing a personal identity package that includes a creative resume, business card, letterhead and personal logo in preparation for seeking employment. Interviewing techniques, business practices, professional associations, resources and job seeking skills, specific to the field of graphic design, will be discussed.
This course will feature Adobe Dreamweaver software. Students will learn about creating web pages and then create one for their online portfolios. These pages will be linked to the Labette Community College Graphic Design page for use by the students as a web presence as they seek employment.
This course will focus on pre-press file preparation. Emphasis will be on digital preparation of print files for commercial printing and for online applications.

Students can obtain entry-level employment in the field of graphic design or prepare for transfer to a four-year university. Career opportunities include positions such as graphic designers, desktop publishers, illustrators, production artists, photographers, prepress technicians, web designers, and multimedia artists.


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Graphic Design Club

Throughout the year the Graphic Design Club holds seminars, workshops, and hosts guest speakers which would benefit students majoring in graphic design. By joining the GDC, students have the opportunity to network with other individuals in the graphic design industry as well as provide community service through on campus activities and real world projects.


Melissa Kipp has A.A.S. & B.S.T. degrees in Graphic Design and Photography from Labette Community College and Pittsburg State University, in addition to an M.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Photojournalism. She has worked as a prepress technician, typesetter, web designer and developer, and freelance designer and photographer. Melissa has been teaching at Labette Community College since 2008 and also serves as the LCC Webmaster.

Melissa was named both the 2016-2017 and 2020-2021 Distinguished Faculty Award recipient. This award was developed to allow the college to publicly recognize and reward an instructor who has performed in an exemplary manner.

GDT in the News

Womeldorff Named Latzer Art  Winner

Womeldorff Named Latzer Art Winner

A Girard native, Womeldorff is a graphic design technology major. He said, “Winning this award/scholarship means a lot to me! I really enjoy graphic design because of the photo editing we do in class. I plan to become a photographer."

Frazier Receives Latzer Art Award for Spring Semester

Frazier Receives Latzer Art Award for Spring Semester

Frazier, of Chetopa, KS, is a graphic design technology major set to graduate this week. She said, “Winning this award/scholarship means a lot to me! The scholarship will help me reach my goals for the future as I further my education, and I feel honored that my artwork was recognized.”

Stafford Receives Latzer Art Award for Fall Semester

Stafford Receives Latzer Art Award for Fall Semester

A Cherryvale native, Stafford is a graphic design technology major said, “Winning this award/scholarship means a lot to me! It has motivated me to keep pushing my art skills to the fullest.” His plans following LCC are not certain yet, but Stafford has considered attending universities in Pittsburg or Wichita.



The Labette Community College Gallery Committee has chosen student, Callie Carpenter, as the winner for the John and Bonnie Latzer Student Art Award for the Spring 2017 semester.



Labette Community College announced Monday, April 24 that Melissa Kipp, Professor of Graphic Design, was named the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipient.



GDT students were commissioned by the Parsons Arts Council to create t-shirt designs based on the Ancient Man and Turtle Island sculptures created by artist Stan Herd.

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The Graphic Design Technology program blends traditional design skills and techniques with the latest in digital technology.

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