100-Year Facts

100-Year Facts

The first assembly of the Parsons Junior College took place on September 17, 1924

During the first year of the Junior College, foundation courses were offered in chemistry, economics, english, rhetoric, french, latin, spanish, history, mathematics, political science, biology, & commerce and administration.

Myles Pember Jr. was a member of the first graduating class of Parsons Junior College in 1925. In 1978, he received the Cardinal Citation Award, the highest honor given by Labette Community College. Pember donated his PJC Football Letter Sweater to the College.

Parsons Junior College wins 1923 state football championship.

Under the guidance of Coach Stephen C. Hinshaw, PJC won the 1925 Kansas Junior College conference championship without losing a game.

In 1928, the annual junior college play was presented February 17, in the high school auditorium. The name itself, "The Haunted House," suggests how entirely mysterious and ghostly it was It was received with enthusiasm by all who saw it.

LCC's First Nursing Class Graduates in 1970.

The Hiking Club was organized in 1925, and was recognized as one of the most prominent of the college organizations.