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10/05 SOFTBALL Rogers State University Claremore, OK
10/05 VOLLEYBALL Coffeyville Parsons, KS 6:30 PM
10/08 VOLLEYBALL LCC Tri Parsons, KS
10/08 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Mansfield, TX Jamboree Mansfield, TX 8:50 AM & 11:10 AM
10/09 SOFTBALL Washburn University Topeka, KS
10/12 VOLLEYBALL Cowley Arkansas City, KS 6:30 PM
10/13 VOLLEYBALL NEO A&M Miami, OK 6:00 PM
10/15 SOFTBALL Drury University Springfield, MO
10/15 VOLLEYBALL Coffeyville Tri Coffeyville, KS
10/15 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Lawrence, KS Jamboree Lawrence, KS TBD
10/19 VOLLEYBALL Hesston College Hesston, KS 6:30 PM
10/20 SOFTBALL Southwest Baptist University   5:00 PM
10/21 VOLLEYBALL Rose State Parsons, KS 6:00 PM
10/22 SOFTBALL Alumni Game Parsons, KS
10/22 MEN'S BASKETBALL Jamboree Overland Park, KS  
10/24 VOLLEYBALL John Brown JV Siloam Springs, AR 6:00 PM
10/26 VOLLEYBALL Independence Parsons, KS 6:30 PM
10/28 WRESTLING Neosho County Parsons, KS  
11/01 MEN'S BASKETBALL Ottawa JV Parsons, KS  
11/01 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Washburn Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
11/02 VOLLEYBALL Round 1 District Tourney
11/03 WRESTLING Ellsworth Dual Iowa Falls, IA  
11/04 MEN'S BASKETBALL Butler CC State Fair Classic  
11/04 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Coffeyville (Cville Classic) Coffeyville, KS TBD
11/05 VOLLEYBALL Round 2 District Tourney
11/05 MEN'S BASKETBALL Central Methodist JV State Fair Classic  
11/05 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Independence (Cville Classic) Coffeyville, KS TBD
11/06 WRESTLING Baker Open Baldwin City, KS  
11/08 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Eastern Oklahoma Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
11/08 MEN'S BASKETBALL Hutchinson CC Hutchinson, KS 7:00 PM
11/11 MEN'S BASKETBALL SE NE Allen Classic  
11/11 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Hutchinson (Barton Classic) Barton, KS TBD
11/12 WRESTLING Grandview Open Des Moines, IA  
11/12 MEN'S BASKETBALL Allen Classic  
11/12 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Barton (Barton Classic) Barton, KS TBD
11/14 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Oklahoma Wesleyan Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
11/14 MEN'S BASKETBALL Friends JV Parsons, KS 7:00 PM
11/15-11/18 VOLLEYBALL National Tourney Cedar Rapids, IA
11/16 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Washburn Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
11/18 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL CCBC Essex Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
11/19 WRESTLING Lindenwood Open St. Charles, MO  
11/19 MEN'S BASKETBALL Washburn JV Parsons, KS  
11/20 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL McPherson McPherson, KS 6:00 PM
11/21 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Bethany Lindsborg, KS 11:00 AM
11/23 MEN'S BASKETBALL DMACC Parsons, KS 5:00 PM
11/26 MEN'S BASKETBALL Friends JV Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
11/29 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Oklahoma Wesleyan Bartlesville, OK 1:30 PM
12/01 WRESTLING Carl Albert @Carl Albert Poteau, OK  
12/01 MEN'S BASKETBALL Ottawa JV Parsons, KS 7:00 PM
12/02 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Washburn Topeka, KS 5:30 PM
12/03 MEN'S BASKETBALL Cowley Arkansas City, KS 4:00 PM
12/04 WRESTLING Jet Open Wichita, KS  
12/05 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Oklahoma Wesleyan Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
12/06 MEN'S BASKETBALL Missouri Southern JV Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
12/11 WRESTLING Bobsmith Open Hays, KS  
01/04 MEN'S BASKETBALL NEO Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
01/07 MEN'S BASKETBALL North Central MO    
01/07 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Bethany Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
01/08 WRESTLING Jet Invite Wichita, KS  
01/10 WRESTLING KJCCC Dual (Pratt) Parsons, KS  
01/12 MEN'S BASKETBALL Southwestern JV   5:30 PM
01/13-01/14 WRESTLING NJCAA Coaches Duals Miami, OK  
01/14 MEN'S BASKETBALL Allen Iola, KS  
01/16 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Tabor Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
01/17 WRESTLING KJCCC Dual @ Neosho Chanute, KS 6:00 PM
01/18 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL KCK Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
01/21 MEN'S BASKETBALL JCCC Overland Park, KS  
01/21 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Johnson Co. Overland Park, KS TBD
01/24 WRESTLING KJCCC Dual @ Cowley Ark City, KS  
01/25 MEN'S BASKETBALL Fort Scott Parsons, KS  
01/25 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Ft. Scott Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
01/28 MEN'S BASKETBALL Hesston Parsons, KS  
01/28 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Hesston Parsons, KS TBD
01/29 WRESTLING Jayhawk Duals Salina, KS  
02-21 SOFTBALL Hutchinson CC Hutchinson, KS  
02-25 SOFTBALL Iowa Central CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
02-28 SOFTBALL Butler Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
02/01 MEN'S BASKETBALL Highland Highland, KS  
02/01 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Highland Highland, KS TBD
02/04 WRESTLING Battle of the Belt Dual vs. Newman Mulvane, KS  
02/04 MEN'S BASKETBALL Neosho Parsons, KS  
02/04 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Neosho Co. Parsons, KS TBD
02/08 MEN'S BASKETBALL Allen Parsons, KS  
02/08 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Allen Co. Parsons, KS TBD
02/11 MEN'S BASKETBALL KCKCC Kansas City, KS  
02/11 WRESTLING NJCAA West/Central Regionals Chanute, KS  
02/15 MEN'S BASKETBALL Johnson Parsons, KS  
02/15 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Johnson Co. Parsons, KS 5:30 PM
02/18 MEN'S BASKETBALL Fort Scott Fort Scott, KS  
02/18 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Ft. Scott Fort Scott, KS TBD
02/22 MEN'S BASKETBALL Hesston Hesston, KS  
02/22 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Hesston Hesston, KS TBD
02/25 MEN'S BASKETBALL Highland Parsons, KS  
02/25 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Highland Parsons, KS TBD
03-03 SOFTBALL NIACC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
03-05 SOFTBALL NIACC Parsons, KS 11:00 AM
03-07 SOFTBALL N.E.O. A&M Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
03-09 SOFTBALL UA- Rich Mountain Mena, AR 1:00 PM
03-10 SOFTBALL National Park CC Hot Springs, AR 2:00 PM
03-18 SOFTBALL Crowder CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
03-21 SOFTBALL Butler CC El Dorado, KS 2:00 PM
03-23 SOFTBALL OKWU Bartlesville, OK 2:00 PM
03-28 SOFTBALL N.E.O. A&M Miami, OK 2:00 PM
03-30 SOFTBALL Kansas City Kansas CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
03/01 MEN'S BASKETBALL Neosho Chanute, KS  
03/01 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Neosho Chanute, KS TBD
03/03-03/04 WRESTLING NJCAA National Championships Council Bluffs, IA  
03/04 MEN'S BASKETBALL Region 6 Playoffs    
03/08 MEN'S BASKETBALL Region 6 Playoffs    
03/11 MEN'S BASKETBALL Region 6 Playoffs    
03/21-25 MEN'S BASKETBALL NJCAA D2 National Tournament    
04-01 SOFTBALL Coffeyville CC Coffeyville, KS  
04-06 SOFTBALL Hesston College Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
04-13 SOFTBALL Ft. Scott CC Ft. Scott, KS  
04-15 SOFTBALL Cloud CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
04-17 SOFTBALL Friends University Wichita, KS 2:00 PM
04-20 SOFTBALL Neosho County CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
04-22 SOFTBALL Independence CC Independence, KS  
04-27 SOFTBALL Highland CC Highland, KS  
04-29 SOFTBALL Johnson County CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
05-01 SOFTBALL Crowder College Neosho, MO 2:00 PM
05-04 SOFTBALL Cowley College Arkansas City, KS  
05-06 SOFTBALL Allen CC Parsons, KS 2:00 PM
05/12-5/14 SOFTBALL District Tournament
District E- Topeka, KS
District D- Hot Springs, AR
Topeka, KS
Hot Springs, AR
05/23-05/27 SOFTBALL NJCAA D-II National Tournament Oxford, MS TBA


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