Congratulations to the 2019 Duck Race Winners!

1st Place $300 (duck sponsor for wrestling)

Leona Taylor

Scottsdale, AZ

2nd Place $150 (duck sponsor for volleyball)

Donna Strickland

Oswego, KS

3rd Place $100 (duck sponsor for wrestling)

Marty Fletcher

Topeka, KS

The Labette Community College Athletic Department has organized a departmental fundraiser to help pay for additional costs we expect to face this upcoming season. We will use the money to get some travel gear and equipment, in addition, we will be saving up money toward a special trip. Nationwide budget cuts have forced many athletic departments to fundraise to help pay for scholarships, gear, and some trips.

The Great American Duck Race will involve racing rubber ducks down a stream located near the LCC campus. The ducks will have numbers on them. The race will be about 150 yards long. The winners will be identified and prizes awarded to the sponsors whose ducks place. When you become a sponsor, I will be designated flock master for your ducks.

A sponsor may elect to sponsor as many ducks as they wish. The Great American Duck Race will be held in mid to late October or early November to allow for fall rains to flood our racing stream and create a healthy current. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, our local fire department will come and fill up the creek.

Win, Win, Win: The money you invest will help support me and my team as well as the entire athletic department. Each duck sponsored will cost ten dollars ($10). Cash Prizes will be awarded to the sponsors of the winning ducks. I will be sure to contact you if you win.     

$300.00 - Grand Champion
$150.00 - National Runner Up            
$100.00 - Third Place       

Thank you for supporting the Labette Community College Athletic Department!!!