All-Kansas Jayhawk Conference

2015 Morgan Harwood Honorable Mention
2015 Brittany Odom Second Team
2015 Dominique Thomas Honorable Mention
2014 Holly Ullery Honorable Mention
2014 Brittany Odom Honorable Mention
2014 Day Russell Honorable Mention
2013 Shawnee Phillips First Team
2012 Mimi Reeves First Team
2011 Freddie Simms Second Team
2010 Satoria Bell First Team
2010 Kallindra Zachary First Team
2009 Tercya Ferriera Second Team
2009 Ayriell Robinson Second Team
2009 Kayla Rice Honorable Mention
2008 Dana Olsen Player of the Year
2008 Brittany Brown First Team
2007 Brittany Brown Second Team
2006 Wintonia Hart Player of the Year
2006 Daiane Domingos Second Team
2005 Wintonia Hart Freshman of the Year/First Team
2005 Breana Link Second Team
2004 Brittaney Gooch First Team
2003 Brittaney Gooch Second Team
2002 Jeanise Clyburn Third Team