Labette Community College Athletics have had great success in the classroom and in NJCAA competition. The LCC Athletic Association needs you to be a part of the overall Cardinal Athletic success story.

In recent years, LCC has made great strides in its athletic programs, however, we still need your help. It takes a tremendous community and booster effort to have great athletic programs, and we need your support to continue the positive momentum of Cardinal Athletics.

Our sports programs do great things for the student/athlete, the school, and the community we all reside in.



  • The Bronze Bird - $40

  • The Silver Bird - $100
    2 All Sport Season Passes

  • The Gold Bird - $200
    4 All Sport Season Passes

  • The Super Bird - $400
    6 All Sport Season Passes/Banner Hung in Gym
    Business name mentioned as a supporter during all home events


  • Increased scholarship money

  • Increased recruitment money

  • Paid assistant coaches

  • Bus for travel

  • Locker room renovations and A/C