Business Office

Labette Community College Business Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Fridays or by appointment 
*LCC will be open on the following Fridays:  January 13 and January 20

Payment Policy

  1. Students are expected to settle all accounts with the College as they become due and payable. Beginning with registration each semester, tuition and fees not covered by financial aid will be due and payable on the first day of class. A $50 service fee will be added to student accounts if no payment plan or not paid by the first Financial Aid Disbursement date of the Fall/Spring/Summer semesters.

    If a student leaves the College with unpaid accounts, his/her academic records will be withheld, and no transcript of record or academic recommendation will be issued until the account is cleared. Students will also not be allowed to enroll in future coursework. Graduating sophomores must clear all outstanding accounts before their diplomas will be issued.

    Along with nonpayment of accounts, holds will be placed on student records for non-return of rental textbooks, book loans through the Debbie Groff Book Scholarship Program or the Student Support Services Program, library books, equipment from the Student Support Services program, and athletic items determined by the appropriate coach for student athletes. Holds will also be placed for other financial obligations to the College (i.e. payment due a student organization for travel expenses).

    Holds will also be placed on records of students in loan default and for not completing the Academic Exit Assessments or the Financial Aid Exit Counseling.
  2. Tuition and fees refunds:
    1. Full semester Fall and Spring classes:
      1. Drops during the two weeks of the semester are eligible to have all tuition and fees refunded.
      2. Withdrawals from courses after the second week of the semester will not receive any refund of tuition and fees.
    2. Shorter term classes including Summer may not eligible for a refund once the course starts. For refund information on these courses please check with the Business Office.

      Students paying by check will have a 30 day waiting period before a refund can be issued.

Employer Discounts for Students

The Customized Training and Education Program (CTE) is between Labette Community College (LCC) and the qualified employers listed below.  Students who work for qualified employers have the opportunity to qualify for a waiver of tuition and fees.  Any material fees, course fees, online fees, etc. are the full responsibility of the student.  Any fees not covered are subject to LCC’s current payment policy and are due in full the 3rd week of class(es).

In order to receive the waiver, the student must ask their employer to submit an Employment Verification form on their behalf to LCC.  The employment verification form is due upon enrollment and is to be received by LCC no later than 2 weeks after the start date of the enrolled class(es).  If the employment verification form is not received during the allowed time, LCC reserves the right to refuse the employment verification form, resulting in the student being responsible for all charges incurred.  The employment verification form must be submitted each semester the students enrolls; the waiver does not carry over to future semesters without submission of the form.

Questions regarding the CTE Program may be directed to the Business Office at 620-820-1231. 

  • City of Altamont
  • City of Chetopa
  • City of Edna
  • City of Mound Valley
  • City of Oswego
  • City of Parsons
  • Labette County
  • Labette Health
  • Neosho Township
  • PSH & TC
  • USD 503 – Parsons
  • USD 504 – Oswego
  • USD 505 – Chetopa
  • USD 506 – Altamont

Business Office

2nd Floor of Student Union
(620) 421-6700 ext. 1231

Simple Steps to Enroll in Payment Plan

  • Go to
  • Log in to Redzone with Student ID and Password
  • Click on Financial Aid and Account Information
  • Click on Nelnet link for Payment Plan setup

Before you click the Authorize button, please read carefully through the Terms and Conditions.