Online & Hybrid Courses

Labette Community College currently offers a wide variety of classes in the online format.

What are Online Courses?

Online courses are courses in which at least 76% of the instruction is delivered online. Policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure the quality of the virtual classroom is equal to the rigor and quality of the same face-to-face course. The major advantage of an online course is convenience. In online courses, students can work at times convenient to them - whether at 3 p.m. or 2 a.m. - instead of specific times designated by the College. In addition, some students respond more favorably to this type of instruction, which typically relies heavily on reading, writing and interaction. Note that some online courses do require proctored exams, visits to cultural events, visits to a library, etc.

What are Hybrid Courses?

Hybrid courses are courses in which a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 75% of the course is taught online with the remaining instruction being on ground in face-to-face class meetings.  For example some classes meet 1/3 of the time onground, and have 2/3 of the course in online. This might mean one class meeting per week for a 3-credit course, with the other time required online. These courses are designated in the schedule as “hybrid courses” so that students are aware that there is an online component which is required. Hybrid courses are advantageous to those students who are comfortable with online learning but also want face-to-face time with their instructors.

Special Requirements of Online Students

Skills Required for Online Students

  • Good reading, writing, and typing skills
  • Be able to navigate the Internet, enter a web address, and follow Internet links
  • Utilize basic word processing skills such as cut and paste and spell check
  • Open, edit, and save .doc and .docx files
  • Open .pdf files
  • Open student email account, create email, send email, and add file attachments to email

Access to Computer and Internet

  • Students enrolled in an online course must have access to a desktop computer or laptop computer
  • Smart phones and tablets (i.e., iPad, Chromebooks) do not meet all the requirements for many online courses
  • There are computer labs around the campus that can help accommodate students, but they are not open on weekends

Time Management Skills

  • Online courses generally require more time than onground courses. 
  • Allow 6 to 9 hours per week on average for each 3-credit-hour course. 
  • Be able to self-manage time and manage deadlines and due dates from various courses.
  • Take steps to avoid procrastination – which is often the downfall of online students.

Quiz: Is Online Learning Right For Me?

Enrolling in Online Courses

Course Schedule

If you are looking for a list of online courses you can find them by looking at the Course Schedule on the homepage and then changing the campus to Online. This will give you a complete listing of all online courses for the semester.

Before the Class Begins

Online and hybrid courses are delivered through the Red Zone—a learning management system platform.

  • You should log in to the Red Zone
  • Once logged in, you start on the Student Page (Tab)
  • Find the Quick Links area on the lower Left of the page, and choose My Courses
  • This should display your current courses for the active semester.
  • Within 1-2 week prior to the start of your online course the instructor should have a "Launch Page" available for you to see. This page should explain the details of the course. This is your opportunity to review it and see if this course meets your needs, schedule, and time restrictions.

Please Note:

  • New courses do not show up on your list until the previous term is over.
  • Your instructor may not make your online courses available for you to enter until the day class begins.
  • If you try to get in before it is opened, you will get an error message; it means the instructor has not made it available to students yet.

Once the Class Begins

  • In the first day or two, be sure to log in to the class and read the launch pad information, syllabus, the requirements of the course, the textbook required, and any special requirements of the course (special software, equipment, lab materials, etc.).
  • Navigate to Coursework and complete the REQUIRED Attendance Assignment. This is required in order to stay enrolled in the course. You will be asked the following question:

    I understand that I am enrolled in this course and am responsible for the payment of this course. If I decide to drop/withdraw from this course after completing this assignment, I understand that it is my responsibility to contact my advisor to complete the drop/withdraw process. Please Click the Box to Accept Attendance into this course.

Drop or Withdraw from an Online or Hybrid Class

  • Students seeking information on the last day to drop with full refund should refer to the Business Office.
  • Students may withdraw without refund after the drop date and before the Last Date to Withdraw.  

Always check the LCC Academic Calendar for exact drop/refund dates and the Last Day with Withdraw dates, since they may vary.

If you have questions, please email your instructor or email Online Support
(620) 820-1146 (office 8-4:30 pm M-TH)


Please E-mail the instructor or email Online Support
(620) 820-1146
(office 8-4:30 pm M-TH)