Wheely Fun Run

A fundraiser for a new local organization dedicated to those with spinal cord injuries

March 30, 2024


Many may not know the impact of spinal cord injuries, but Kevin Olson’s new organization Live With It is dedicated to spreading the word and raising money for those in need. Labette Community College Public Relations student, Kass Lewis, is joining forces with the Live With It organization to raise money for people dealing with spinal cord injuries.

On April 14, from 1 - 2 p.m., Lewis will run as many laps as he can around the Oswego Track in one hour. Prior to the event, or during, individuals can pledge a donation per lap or donate a flat amount. To make a pledge or donation, please visit the Live With It Facebook page. Donations will be collected during the following week. Spectators are encouraged to watch Lewis run while Olson speaks about his journey with quadriplegia and how he learned to “Live With It.”

Individuals with spinal cord injuries make up a small percent of Americans, but not a small number. According to the National Institute of Health, 1.7% of individuals live with some form of paralysis or spinal cord injury. This may seem like a small amount, but 1.7% of the American population is around 5.6 million people, and that is just the U.S. population. Also, wheelchairs and specially modified vehicles for people in wheelchairs come at no small price. According to the Neuro Assistance Foundation, a cost for a sip-and-puff wheelchair (like the one most quadriplegics use) could be as high as $15,000. That is just the wheelchair, not including vehicles, equipment around the house, and doctor bills from the cause of the injury.

For more information about the Live With It organization, visit the Live With It Facebook page. For more information on how to donate, email Kass Lewis at kass.lewis@student.labette.edu.

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Interim Director of Public Relations
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