LCC Students Shine at Psychology Research Symposium

April 9, 2024

LCC Students Shine at Psychology Research Symposium
LCC Sophomore, Allison Plumlee, presented her research at the Psychology Research Symposium held last week at Kansas City Kansas Community College

Four students from the Psychology Club at Labette Community College (LCC) showcased their commitment to academic excellence and community engagement by attending the Psychology Research Symposium held last week at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC).  

The goal of the symposium is to celebrate and engage undergraduate students’ research in the Psychological Sciences.  Two students from LCC were selected to present their research.  

Allison Plumlee, a sophomore from Carl Junction, MO, captivated the audience with her presentation titled "Saving Those who can’t Save Themselves," wherein she explored the intricate effects of child abuse. Plumlee's insightful analysis shed light on the psychological ramifications of this societal issue. 

Equally compelling was Pittsburg native and LCC sophomore Becca Shackelford's presentation, "The Psychology of Only Children." She provided an in-depth examination of the psychological dynamics within families with only one child.  

What further distinguishes these students is their exceptional achievement as the only community college-level presenters chosen to orally present their research alongside participants from four-year universities. This recognition underscores their academic prowess and speaks volumes about the quality of education and mentorship provided at LCC. 

DeAnna Huffman, Psychology Club sponsor and Associate Professor of Psychology, expressed immense pride in her students' accomplishments, stating, "It is truly gratifying to witness our students excel on such a prestigious platform. Their willingness to go above and beyond in their academic pursuits exemplifies the spirit of excellence we strive to foster at LCC." 

This symposium is a highly anticipated event in the academic calendar. It attracted attendees from various community colleges and universities from across Kansas and other states.  

For the oral presentations, students were required to submit abstracts of their research projects for consideration. Both Plumlee and Shackelford were encouraged by Huffman to submit their work. The students rose to the challenge, drawing from their previous coursework to enhance their research contributions for the symposium. Plumlee expanded upon a project she completed in a previous class, incorporating additional research to enrich her presentation. Similarly, Shackelford, built upon research conducted in a psychology class she took last semester. 

As both Plumlee and Shackelford prepare to graduate in May with an Associate of Science degree in Psychology, their accomplishments serve as a testament to the high-quality educational opportunities that LCC’s Psychology program provides. 

Other LCC student participants were Keaton Nino and Aaron Phillips. Huffman and Regina Decker, LCC Case Manager, accompanied the students on this educational trip. 

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