Labette Community College Hosts Successful "Cardinal Connect" Business Showcase

March 28, 2024

Cardinal Connect

Labette Community College (LCC) successfully hosted its semi-annual "Cardinal Connect" Business Showcase Event on Wednesday, April 18, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Main Campus in Parsons.  

This year's showcase saw enthusiastic participation from 21 local businesses, each eager to engage with LCC students, showcase their offerings, and connect with potential future employees. 

Trooper Joe Owen with the Kansas Highway Patrol expressed his gratitude, stating: “We appreciate the opportunity to meet the students and faculty. We are looking forward to next year!” His appreciation highlights the value of connecting with the community and fostering positive relations between law enforcement and educational institutions. 

The event served as an excellent platform for businesses to introduce their services and distribute promotional items to the more than 50 students who attended. Additionally, students who engaged in five meaningful conversations during the event were awarded a free meal at the Cardinal Cafe, further enhancing the value and appeal of participating in this experience. 

LCC Student, Darian Dennis, shared his thoughts on the recent event, emphasizing how the event broadened his perspective about the local community. “This event was very informative and opened up my eyes to new businesses and opportunities.” 

The Cardinal Connect Business Showcase continues to be a cornerstone event for fostering relationships between the college and the local business community, supporting both student career development and local economic growth. 

Elizabeth Kitterman, Admissions Assistant at Labette Community College and the event’s coordinator, commented on the success of the event: "This event was a fantastic opportunity for local businesses and organizations to engage with our students. They not only introduced their services but also distributed free items, which is always a hit. More importantly, it allowed for the creation of meaningful connections between our students and the vibrant community that surrounds them. We believe that such interactions have opened doors to future opportunities and partnerships, enriching both our students' academic experiences and their personal growth."

April marks National Community College Month, a time to highlight the pivotal role that community colleges play in meeting the educational and training needs of communities nationwide. Throughout Kansas, community colleges have united to celebrate their contributions and emphasize the importance of public support for these institutions. At this year's Cardinal Connect Business Showcase, LCC unveiled a large banner commemorating this national celebration, inviting attendees to sign their names as a symbol of their ongoing support. The banner has gathered signatures from a diverse group, including students, faculty, staff, local community members, businesses, and organizations, demonstrating a widespread commitment to the enduring value of LCC. This banner will be available for additional signatures at the following LCC events this Spring: Student Awards Ceremony, Free Student Dinner in the Cardinal Cafe, and at the 2024 LCC Graduation Ceremony. This initiative not only celebrates the significant impact of community colleges but also reinforces the community's collective endorsement of LCC's mission and future endeavors. 

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