This degree is designed for a student planning to transfer to a four-year institution and concentration in psychology, human services, counseling, and social work. Please consult an advisor for guidance about electives.

Links of interest for Psychology students:

Study Skills SQ3R method, as well as good note taking strategies and more!
American Psychological Association The APA has a wealth of information on Psychology and APA formatting, as well as interesting current articles.
APA Style Guide Guide to writing and writing in APA format.
Encyclopedia of Psychology This site is linked to many web pages about specific topics in Psychology, as well as to articles. Two thumbs up!
Psychology Experiments Online
Actual experiments you can participate in OnLine!
Neuroscience page Fabulous, easily understandable information about Neurons, the brain and spinal cord. Information on circadian rhythms, sleep and sleep disorders.
Multiple Intelligences A test of where you stand on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Only includes 7 out of the current 8 types.
The Lighter Side of Psych   Various amusing psychology related materials.

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