Distinguished Faculty & Adjunct Faculty Awards

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The Distinguished Faculty and Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Awards at Labette Community College were developed on the premise that faculty members who have performed in an exemplary manner should be publicly recognized and rewarded.

The criteria areas for the award are: teaching effectiveness, college service, involvement with students, and community engagement.

Who is eligible for the award?

Full-time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty who have completed at least four years of continuous teaching service at Labette Community College.

Who can nominate?

All LCC students, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and full-time employees.

You may make one nomination for regular full-time faculty and one nomination for adjunct faculty. All nominations are confidential.

Deadline and Process for Returning Forms: Friday, March 24, 2017

Forms must be marked “Confidential” and returned to the Human Resource Office, SU207, e-mailed to hr@labette.edu from your LCC e-mail address or postal mailed to LCC DFA Award, c/o Human Resources, 200 S. 14 Street, Parsons, KS 67357 postmarked by March 24, 2017.

It is important to identify and honor our outstanding faculty and adjuncts. Please take this opportunity to pay tribute to the instructors who, in your opinion, represent the best of the profession.

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  • For questions regarding Distinguished Faculty Awards please contact:

    Janice Every
    Human Resources Director
    (620) 820-1234 janicec@labette.edu


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