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Jump Start Scholarship award is now automatic. When high school students submit the Concurrent/Dual Credit Form, they will be coded as “high school” in the system and the scholarship will automatically be applied.

Concurrent Credit courses are college courses taught at the high school by qualified high school instructors in which the students receive both high school and college credit. Students are enrolled by LCC personnel who come to the school, or by high school counselors or teachers. Students are taught using the same materials as the on campus college courses and use the same textbook, unless the high school textbook has been approved for use by the college. The same outcomes and competencies must be met by concurrent students and regular traditional college students. Concurrent credit courses follow the high school schedule.

Dual Credit courses are regular college courses taken by a high school student, taught by a regular LCC instructor (rather than a high school instructor). These classes may be on any campus or online and are not special classes for high school students only. Dual Credit courses follow the LCC schedule.

High school students are not eligible for textbook scholarships. Some high schools opt to purchase the current LCC textbooks for concurrent students-check with your school! Students taking Dual Credit courses (on LCC campuses or online) are responsible for purchasing their textbooks.

Spring 2020 online courses for high school students only





American Government THOMURE, KEVIN POLS 105 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Medical Terminology ELLIOTT, MIA OTEC 124 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Medical Terminology ELLIOTT, MIA OTEC 124 00016HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
General Psychology CLAY, SALLY PSYC 101 000015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Developmental Psychology CLAY, SALLY PSYC 201 000015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Fundamentals of Speech FINLEY, LACEY COMM 101 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Fundamentals of Speech FINLEY, LACEY COMM 101 00016HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Fundamentals of Speech BROWN, DELAINA COMM 101 000029HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
English Comp II BATY, RANDEE ENGL 102 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
American History Since 1877 MOSS, DIANA HIST 102 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Music Appreciation MORGAN, LOUIS MUSI 101 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Intro to Teaching DAVIS, JAMIE EDUC 140 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20
Pre-Professional Lab DAVIS, JAMIE EDUC 134 00015HW 01/21/20-05/14/20

Important Dates for Spring 2020


Concurrent Dual Credit

Last date to enroll:

02/07/20 (non-refundable)

01/31/20 (non-refundable)

Last date to drop for a refund:



Certification rosters due:

02/10/20 (by noon)

02/06/20 (by noon)

Last date to withdraw from a course:



Grades due:

 05/18/20 (by noon)

05/18/20 (by noon)

Concurrent Course Costs

Starting in summer 2019:

Tuition: $54.00 per credit hour
Fees: $55.00 per credit hour
  $109.00 per credit hour without Jumpstart
Material fees: TBD (some courses may have these additional fees)
Online course fee:   Waived for high school students—fall and spring semesters only (not summer).


With JumpStart Scholarship: (covers tuition, but not fees)

1 credit hour course: $55.00
3 credit hour course: $165.00
5 credit hour course: $275.00
  • All students are responsible for purchasing textbooks unless purchased by their district—verify in advance.
  • High school students are not eligible for federal Financial Aid or Loan
  • High school students are not eligible for textbook scholarships

High School Success Stories

Audriana Angeles

Angeles Earns High School Diploma and Associate Degree Simultaneously

Parsons, KS- Pittsburg High School senior, Audriana Angeles, will earn her Associate degree in Pre-Professional Medical Programs from Labette Community College one week before walking across the stage for her high school graduation. Angeles’ post-secondary education academic success was achieved through dual credit courses and on-ground classes from LCC. 

Angeles, since beginning high school, had the goal of graduating high school and college simultaneously. She realized the academic advantages for her future by taking college level courses during high school. “My ultimate goal is to become a doctor. I knew I had years of college ahead of me, so my main motivation was to speed up the process and be able to enter college after graduating high-school with my gen-eds completed.”

She offered advice to other high school students taking dual or concurrent classes. “Enjoy your time in high school, get to know your classmates and instructors. I was able to have one-on-one time with my LCC instructors and they made the classroom less intimidating for me as a high schooler,” Angeles said. “LCC is affordable, and taking classes in high school gave me opportunities, like entering college as a junior.”

Angeles credited her high school counselor, Gina Ulbrich of Pittsburg High School, in helping determine what high school and college classes to take. As a student driven toward a career in health care, Angeles took many LCC science classes, including four chemistry classes with LCC Professor, Dr. Doug Ecoff. “Doctor Ecoff has been an amazing professor who cares for his students and wants to see them succeed. He made hard courses, like organic chemistry, easier to understand,” Angeles said of Professor Ecoff. 

Angeles plans to attend Pittsburg State University in fall 2019 to pursue a degree in Biology. Her long-term goal is to enter medical school to become an OB/GYN.


Contact Info

Nancy Newby

Concurrent/Dual Credit Coordinator
(620) 820-1221