Placement Testing for High School Students

The purpose of placement testing is to enhance student success in college.  All students who plan to enroll for the first time in a college-level English or math course at Labette Community College must take the appropriate ACCUPLACER test or provide appropriate COMPASS, ACT, or SAT scores. Although COMPASS placement tests will no longer be given at LCC after May 2016, COMPASS placement test scores will be accepted until fall 2021.

English Composition I Course Placement: To enroll in English Composition I, the student must have at least an ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills score of 69 ; a COMPASS writing score of 70; an ACT English score of 18; or SAT Verbal score of 450.

Math Course Placement: To enroll in College Algebra, students must have at least an ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra score of 81; COMPASS Algebra score of 57; ACT Math score of 20; or SAT Math score of 480. 

Placement in appropriate courses will be determined during the enrollment process.  The ACCUPLACER test for each subject/discipline may be taken twice in a three month period. If the ACCUPLACER score falls into an appeal score zone, the student must follow the appeal process for that subject/discipline.

Reading Requirements for Health Science Programs Some Health Science programs (such as Nursing) have a reading requirement determined by program policy. Students enrolled in any of these programs should check with their advisors to determine if such a requirement exists.
Students may arrange to take a placement test at their high school, or by contacting the LCC Student Success Center at (620) 820-1147 (or  Students may also test at the Cherokee Center by calling 620-232-5820.

Writing Placement Appeal Process

Students who have taken the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills test twice and scored between 66 and 68 may write an essay for consideration of placement into English Composition I.

Mathematics Placement Appeal Process

Students who score into Intermediate Algebra by the placement test may take the Intermediate Algebra final.  If they pass the final with a “C” or better, they will be allowed to enroll in College Algebra. 

For details regarding the appeal process contact Nancy Newby, Concurrent/Dual Credit Coordinator, at 620-820-1221 or

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Nancy Newby

Concurrent/Dual Credit Coordinator
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