Exercise Science FAQ's

Frequently Asked Question about Athletic Trainers

What can I do with an Associate in Science Exercise Science Degree?

Labette Community College Associate in Science degrees are designed to be a two year degree that prepare students to continue their education towards a Bachelor Degree in a similar field. Students wishing to sit for a personal training certificate will also find the coursework extremely beneficial in preparing for the national examination process. Completing a personal training certificate is not required for completion of the degree, simply an option for students wishing to gain that certification. 

What types of students obtain an Bachelor of Science Exercise Science Degree?

Students interested in athletics, strength and conditioning, personal health and wellness will be a perfect fit for a degree in Exercise Science. The degree offers great flexibility in careers in these fields. The degree will give students the basic preparation necessary to continue their education and career in these fields. 

Where in Kansas can I continue pursuing my degree in Exercise Science?

All of Kansas major state universities offer some form of Exercise Science degree, although, each slightly differ in their name and specialty. Labette Community College has done it best to align their degree with these institutions and worked closely with Pittsburg State University in the development of the degree. At LCC, students will be advised to the best of the ability to the match the college they wish to attend after completing Labette Community College AS - Exercise Science degree. 

Where can you get a job with a degree in Exercise Science?

Professionals with a degree in Exercise Science can find employment in a number of job settings and often create their own employment opportunities. Careers in cardiac rehabilitation, post rehab care, and fitness and wellness specialist are popular choices of Exercise Science majors. Careers in personal training, strength and conditioning experts, fitness sales, orthopedic sales and research are also popular choices. Fitness club ownership and management is another career possibility for Exercise Science majors. 

Exercise Science majors often continue their education with post graduate work in health and wellness related fields. Fields such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and medicine are popular choices for post graduate work.

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