FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of online courses?
The major advantage of an online course is convenience. In online courses, a student can work at times convenient to them - whether at 3 p.m. or 2 a.m. - instead of specific times designated by the College. Also, some students respond more favorably to this type of instruction, which typically relies heavily on reading, writing, and interaction.

What kind of computer software and equipment do I need to take an online course?
In terms of software, the online courses at LCC can be viewed with any Web browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are some examples.

Students using IE 11 will need to be in compatibility mode for some functions to work properly. Internet Explorer 10 does not need to be in compatibility mode. Problems in typing into text boxes (such as discussion forums) are often solved by switching to Compatibility Mode.

In terms of hardware, regular, reliable access to a computer with Internet access is a minimum requirement.

Dial up access is not recommended for LCC online courses.

How much time does online coursework take?
The time invested by students enrolled in online courses will be similar to that of an on-ground course. It is generally understood that for every 1 hour of lecture a college student should be prepared to spend as much as 2 hours outside of class working on course material. As such for a 3 credit hour online course a student should be prepared to invest as much as 9 hours a week working on online coursework.

How do I register for an online course?
Currently, LCC does not have online enrollment for new students. However, after being admitted to the College and making arrangements to pay tuition, a student may…

  • Enroll in person at the Admissions Office in Student Services on the Parsons Campus,
  • Enroll by calling (620) 421-6700, 1-888-LABETTE (Toll Free), or
  • Enroll by requesting and completing an enrollment form and returning it by mail or FAX (620) 421-0180) to the Admissions Office Labette Community College, 200 S. 14th, Parsons, KS. 67357. The form is available on the College's website; it can be printed out, complete, and returned or faxed.
  • Returning students may be able to enroll online if they do not have holds in the business office, or do not need advisor approval due to placement scores.

What happens after enrollment?

  • Student will be assigned an LCC email address which they MUST use for all LCC correspondence including online courses. They should plan to check it daily while classes are in session.
  • On the first day of class, students will log in using their Student ID as their Username.
  • The Password for REDZONE will be their PIN NUMBER.
  • Students who do not have a PIN NUMBER should contact IT at (620) 820-1146 to get that information. Admissions and Outreach do not have access to Pin numbers.

Do I ever have to come on campus when I take an online course?
A few courses will require a limited number of campus visits. However, in most cases, if a student cannot come to campus, alternative arrangements can be made. The student must contact the instructor if coming to campus is a problem.

How much do the courses cost?
Tuition and fees for college courses at LCC can be found under Tuition and Fees.

Do I need a textbook or other course materials?
Probably, but it depends on the course. Most courses will require the purchase of a textbook. These books are available in the LCC Bookstore located in the Student Union (on the Parsons Campus) or you can order online through our Bookstore link on the main LCC web page and they can be mailed to you. The Cherokee Center (near Pittsburg) also sells textbooks and is open during regular campus hours.

When can I access course materials?
Courses for the semester will not show up in Quick Links until the previous semester is ended. Only the current semester is displayed. The first day of class is the day when course materials become available. You can view general course information through the RedZone on the LCC website, which will tell you the name of the instructor and the course description. Be sure to email your instructor before the first day of class.

Can I take this class without access to a computer?
No. Since interaction with the instructor and with other students is a major portion of LCC's online courses and since that interaction occurs online, a student must have regular, reliable access to a computer with Internet capability to participate in an online class through the College. If a student does not own a computer,  computer labs with Internet connections are available on campus. The student lounge (inside the Cardinal Cafe) has computers for student use, as well as the library, during regular campus hours. Make sure you have 2 back up plans in case your computer or Internet fails.

Will the course transfer?
Courses taken online transfer to four-year institutions the same as courses taken on campus. Generally, courses in Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs transfer. If a student has questions about the transferability of a specific course, he or she should contact the Admissions Office or the instructor.

Course participation  If you log into your online course, that is the same as attending a class session, even if you don't submit any work. To drop an online course and receive a full refund, you must drop during the first week of class.


Please E-mail the instructor or email Online Support onlinesupport@labette.edu
(620) 820-1146
(office 8-4:30 pm M-F)