Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Is Online learning for you? Are you ready? Before enrolling in an online course, assess your learning style and technical ability. Optimize your success!

  • Time I can spend as much as 3 hours a week for each online credit hour I am enrolled in working on this course.
    I want to take this Internet course because it will take less time than a classroom course.
  • Budget I budget my time well and can prioritize effectively.
    I work better when someone tells me what to do and when to do it.
  • Reading My reading skills are good and I enjoy learning by reading.
    I learn better when material is presented by the instructor in a lecture setting.
  • Writing My writing and typing skills are good enough for effective written communication.
    I sometimes have difficulty expressing myself in written form and communicate better face to face.
  • Feedback I learn well independently with some feedback.
    I need someone to check my work and give immediate feedback to effectively learn.
  • Requirements I understand the importance of course requirements and due dates and intend to meet these.
    I feel there should be exceptions to due dates if a student gets behind in assignments.
  • Responsibility I am willing to take responsibility for contacting the instructor when I need help.
    I feel uncomfortable contacting an instructor. It should always be the instructor’s responsibility to contact students.
  • Internet I have consistent and reliable access to the Internet.
    I can access the Internet at times, but not on a consistent basis.
  • Email I know how to open email, send email, send attachments via email.
    I have never used email.
  • Skills I have basic word processing knowledge and know how to highlight, copy and paste text.
    I have keyboarding skills only.


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