Hendershot Gallery Exhibit

January 15, 2016

Parsons, KS- The Parsons Historical Society and the Labette Community College Hendershot Gallery committee have partnered to bring the community “Visiting Labette County: Photographs from 1909-1913”.

Over one year ago, the Parsons Historical Society was contacted by David Buchanan of Louisville, Kentucky. He discovered a box of photographs dated 1909-1913, taken by a school teacher named Lyle Hutchinson, believed to have lived in Parsons. She took an interest in a school in eastern Kentucky affiliated with the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ. When Hutchinson passed away, she left her entire estate to a church-supported school in Eastern Kentucky.

Buchanan came across the box of photos when sorting through items left to his family after his parents and grandparents had passed leaving the home to the family. He thought the photos were much too valuable to dispose of, so through research he located the Parsons Historical Society.

The Parsons Historical Society was grateful for Buchanan going to such great lengths to return the photos to Labette County. The Historical Society has since made sure the photos have been distributed to individual towns, like Altamont, found in some photos.

“This the first time these photographs have been displayed in a gallery setting,” said historical society member and LCC gallery committee member Mike Brotherton. “This is a great partnership between the museum and LCC to offer a unique photograph exhibit to the community. After the display is removed from the LCC gallery, it will be permanently on display at the Parsons Museum.”

The gallery of photographs will be on display in the LCC Hendershot Gallery until February 2. The gallery is free and open to the public Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm and Friday 8am-4:30pm.

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