Speaker's Bureau

Welcome to the Labette Community College Speaker's Bureau!

Our faculty, staff and students are available to speak at your events at no charge. If you have a topic in mind that is not listed here, please give us a call. We will try to accommodate all requests. For the best service, please make reservations for your guest speaker at least two weeks in advance.

Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Date of Event
  • Name of Organization/Event Sponsor
  • Preferred Topic (plus one alternate)
  • Number of Attendees Expected
  • General Age of Attendees (i.e. children or adults)
  • Location of Event

Educational Topics

How to Write Better Memos
This session is intended for all people in the work force who find themselves writing memos, whether monthly, weekly, or daily, whether in paper format or electronic (e-mail). Since the memo is often the workhorse of business communication, this presentation focuses on pointers for improving the quality of communication in memos, while noting some common uses and abuses of the memo.

Discussions on Literary Works
Enjoy a casual but in-depth conversation on one or more literary works. Short works (most poetry, some short-short stories) can be explored without previous reading; longer works such as novels need to be read in advance of the discussion.

Discussions on Short Stories or Poems

For the Business Person
Everything must be done by the book. Learn more about the employment law, how to hire and fire employees, sexual harassment and employee supervision.

Keeping Kids in School
This session presents ideas to keep middle and high school students in school. Many teenagers quit school each year because of substance abuse, financial problems, family/childcare issues, academic problems and academic boredom. All these issues can be addressed.

Learn about the practices of an effective leader.

Finding the Right College
This speech is directed toward high school students and/or their parents. It will explore the differences in universities, both private and public, community colleges, ways to afford college, and student life issues. The question-and-answer format encourages audience participation. One-on-one counseling is also available. Make and appointment today.

Careers in Computers
Jobs are everywhere in the computer industry so how do you become part of it? Learn more about careers, salaries, and educational opportunities in programming and networking.

Mass Media in Society
How much are you really influenced by what you hear? You might be surprised! Learn how TV, radio, and newspapers have shaped our culture and discover where we may be headed with the internet.

Who Put the Community in LCC?
The community is an integral part of Labette Community College. Learn what opportunities are available through the college and give us feedback on how we are meeting your needs.

Workforce Education & Economic Growth
Find out why workforce education is a key factor in economic growth for any area, including Southeast Kansas.

Hobbies/Special Interests

Five Steps to Successful Financial Planning
Planning for your future begins today. This presentation will provide you with the tools you need to succeed financially.

Mind over Matter - Dog Training
Your dog probably is trainable, but you must know the tricks. Learn to make your dog obey through praise and attention.

Children & Dogs
This seminar teaches kids whether to approach a strange dog or not, how to maintain a healthy dog and tips for teaching a family pet basic skills.

Digital Photos & Online Auctions
So you've spent your money on the Internet, but isn't it time you made some money? Learn how to take your own digital photos and post items for sale at online auctions. Let the $$ flow!

Want to be a tourist? Want to bring tourists to your community? Learn more about tourist areas and why they are attractive to travelers.

Breaking into Show Business
One part talent, one part dedication, one part networking, and four parts luck! Learn more about what it takes to succeed in show business and what determines success.

Be Remembered Forever
Learn how to establish an endowed scholarship in your name/organization to benefit students.

Cooking Healthy
What to fix for dinner? Meals can be quick, healthy, and still taste sinful. You don't have to feel deprived. Learn from the LCC master!

Making Money Stretch
Money concerns can rip apart marriages and destroy families. Learn how to make wise financial decisions that are acceptable for everyone.

What should you plant? When? How much water should you give. Discover some tips about America's favorite pastime.

Say Cheese!
Are you frustrated when your photos don't turn out as you had hoped? Learn the basics of photo composition to improve your results.

Visual Arts & Graphic Design
Whether you are looking for a new career or just enjoy browsing, this speech will show you the basics of design and the concepts that dominate the market. Learn how Gestault psychology plays a role.

Historic Preservation
We have so many beautiful things around us, but are burdened with the new-is-better attitude. Discover what is happening to ensure our "yesterday" is here "tomorrow."

Used in foods and for health, herbs can be an important tool for maintaining our bodies. Learn some important facts about herbs.

Alcohol in Kansas
This presentation will give you a history of alcohol in Kansas from
prohibition to today. In addition, you will learn about the State of Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control department operations and laws concerning cereal malt beverages and hard liquors. You will also gain insights into topics like fraudulent IDs, liquor licenses, sting procedures and new laws effecting parents and guardians.

US/Korean relationship
Hear from Rick Fulton, Adjunct instructor in LCC History Department, as he recounts his experiences from spending the 1980's in Korea as a speech writer.

Healthcare Issues

Healthy Heart, Happy Life
How much do our lifestyles really affect our health and happiness? Learn more about smoking, heart & lung diseases, and our daily habits that cause so much damage.

Domestic Violence
No one plans to be in this situation, but it still happens. Learn more about preventing, intervening, and stopping domestic violence. Discover how the violence begins and understand the mind-set of the victim. Former victim may be available.

Men's Health Issues
Men have their own list of special medical concerns, such as prostate cancer, impotency and more. This speech can focus on any one topic or cover a wide variety of topics. Must specify and call at least tow weeks prior to event.

Women's Health Issues
More research is done every year to help combat women's health issues, but much is left to be done. this topic can be customized to any group to cover almost any health concern. Two weeks advance notice is required and topic must be specified.

Children's Health Issues
From cancers to growing pains, children face their own set of medical troubles. They also progress through a series of changes in their bodies, which can be confusing. Please specify any special area of interest and call two week in advance to schedule a speaker.

Adolescent Health Issues
The teen years may be the most difficult. While teens are struggling through puberty, they are also exposed to a large variety of temptations, such as alcohol and drugs. This speech can be customized. Two weeks notice required.

Caring Conversations--A New Approach to Advance Care Planning
The goal of the presentation is to help families share meaningful and loving experiences while making practical preparations for end-of -life decisions. Helping facilitate "caring conversations," an advance directive document, and discussing the most frequently asked questions about advance directives, will improve end-of-life decision making. Having caring conversations with one's family and friends can help reassure us that our preferences will be known and respected.

Why is it so important to immunize children? Find out in this informative presentation.

So we all know eating right is important, but what kinds of foods are good for us and what kinds of foods are bad? With all of the media contradictions, sometimes it is hard to determine what is good nutrition. How do you strike a balance?

Find out more about this painful disease and how those afflicted can lead a normal life.

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