Gallery Exhibit Focuses on Parsons’ Civic Pride

September 2, 2016

Parsons, KS- The first show for the new gallery season at Hendershot Gallery on the LCC campus will feature historic photographs and memorabilia associated with events and structures in Parsons that have—over the years—been a source of civic pride.

Some, such as parades or dedications, were one-time events; others, such as the Katy Depot, the Parsonian, the Elks Lodge, and Forest Part, were photographed and promoted for decades. But all were a part of the pride that citizens have always had for their city—and a reflection of the same pride that exists today. All the photographs on display will be accompanied with a brief history associated with the image.

In addition, the exhibit will also feature items from the organization charged with promoting the city—the Parsons Chamber of Commerce. Scrapbooks and photographs, recently acquired by the Parsons Historical Society Museum, were compiled by the C of C and date from the 1920s & 1930s.

This exhibit, which was first viewed as part of this year’s “Katy Days” will be open to the public on Wednesday, September 7th and remain in the gallery until September 23rd.

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