LCC Student Veteran’s Host Ruck March Event

February 28, 2018

Parsons, KS—The Labette Community College Student Veteran Organization is hosting ‘1 Day, 22 Souls’ ruck march and live memorial carving event. The family friendly event will bring awareness of the average of 22 Veteran soldiers that commit suicide in the United States each day. 

A ruck march involves walking swiftly with a weighted backpack to represent the weight of a soldiers backpack. During the event, participants are invited to walk at their own pace for 22 laps without backpacks around Forest Park, in Parsons to show support of Veterans. Participants are welcome to walk as many or few laps as they are able.

A live wood carving, at Forest Park Parsons, KS, will represent the Battle Cross to honor and respect fallen service members. 

The ruck march check-in begins at 8:30am in Forest Park, Parsons. The march and live carving begin at 9am, food vendors and activities from 11am-3pm, and a speech by LCC Student Veteran Organization members and KOAM TV news anchor, Dowe Quick, will be at 12pm. 

LCC SVO Advisor, Sara Comer said, “The transition from military to civilian life can at time be complicated and misunderstood. Often, Veterans miss the bonds they have formed while serving with their brothers and sisters in Arms. As Veterans separate from the military, they are often searching for a new since of purpose, something to fill the void that has be created by exiting the military.” 

“That’s why the LCC SVO created the “1 Day, Twenty-Two Souls” event, with the goal of making the local community aware of the needs of returning Veterans-especially the transition to colleges and universities, creating spaces where Veterans can gather and help one another, and get the public to understand Veterans’ needs,” said Comer. “The students have worked tirelessly to plan this event.”

For more information or to register, call SVO Advisor, Sara Comer at 620-820-1227 or email

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