Refund Policies

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Tuition & Fees Refund

Fall and Spring Regular Semester Day/Evening/Extension Courses:

  • Full Refund – Drops during the first and second week of the semester.

Summer Courses:

  • Full Refund – Drops during first four days of the semester.
  • = Mini session refund dates may differ

Note: Students will have official transcripts withheld if any financial obligations have not been paid or if materials and/or equipment have not been returned to the College (see Holds).

Procedures for Withdrawing from Courses

To officially withdraw from courses, LCC students must withdraw through the Registrar’s/Admissions Office (2nd floor of the Student Union Building). The student’s official withdrawal date is determined by the day the withdrawal is processed in this office. The sole responsibility for initiating and completing the withdrawal process rests with the student. Failure to officially withdraw will result in the recording of all grades of F at the end of the semester/session.

Refund Policy for ALL LCC Students

A student permitted to withdraw from a course or courses in an academic session in which he or she is enrolled may be allowed a refund of the tuition and the fee charge for that course or courses. In the event some or all of the tuition and fees were paid by some source(s) other than the student, including but not limited to scholarships, grants, and Federal Title IV Funds, the first refund amounts will be made payable to those sources. If the student has any unpaid account with the College any refund due from withdrawal may be applied to such an account. Any amount paid to the College that exceeds tuition and fees paid by these other sources, and any amounts due to the College, shall then be paid to the student. For students who completely withdraw from classes and have received Federal Title IV funds, please refer to the Federal Return to Title IV Funds policy available on the web at

The first class day constitutes the beginning of the semester for tuition refunds. For courses that are scheduled out of sequence of the regular fall and spring sessions, including summer, the student should refer to the Academic Calendar published in the schedule of classes, or on the web at; otherwise check your course syllabus or the Office of the Registrar. Institutional refunds for all students who withdraw or reduce the number of hours enrolled are calculated according to the dates in the Academic Calendar, as posted on the web. These refund schedules apply to each course from which a student withdraws. Withdrawal from a course and enrollment in another course are treated as two separate transactions, unless they are requested simultaneously. For the regular fall and spring semesters, 100% refunds are available only during the first week of the semester; no refund will be given beyond the first week of the semester.

For students receiving federal funds, disbursement periods and amount are set after refund deadlines and the FAO makes the respective adjustments to their enrollment status. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the FAO of any such revision in status. Enrollment status changes for students who have not received federal funds during an institutional refund period will allow for refunds in the following priority order:

(1) LCC Scholarships
(2) To the student

Refund Due to Serious Illness or Injury

If a student is unable to complete a semester or session due to serious illness or injury, the student must present acceptable official documentation signed by a licensed health care provider certifying the circumstances in adequate detail. Upon completion this documentation should be directed to the Registrar for review and determination of appropriate action. Based on an approved request, the student will be withdrawn from all courses and refunded the tuition and fees for the semester/session, provided that the student has personally and fully paid all other outstanding tuition and fees, and has no other outstanding College financial obligations. If the above student received Title IV federal financial aid, the current return to Title IV Funds policy must be applied.

Refund Due to Death of Student

If a student should die during a semester/session in which the student is duly enrolled, the student’s estate will be refunded the tuition and fees based on the above stated policies. To initiate this process, the family may contact the Office of the Registrar.