Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the LCC Board of Trustees. At the time of printing, the amounts listed in this catalog are correct, but are subject to change. The most current charges will be listed on the College Website at

(Per Credit Hour) (subject to change)

Kansas Residents $54.00 Tuition
Plus $55.00 Fees
  $109.00 per credit hour
Arkansas, Missouri, & Oklahoma Residents $75.00 Tuition
Plus $55.00 Fees*
  $130.00 per credit hour
Other Out of State Residents $79.00 Tuition
Plus $55.00 Fees*
  $134.00 per credit hour
International $138.00 Tuition
Plus $55.00 Fees*
  $193.00 per credit hour
Audits** $92.00 Tuition
Plus $55.00 Fees*
  $147.00 per credit hour

*Fees: The $55.00 fee includes the operational cost of the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board, admission to all student activities, student life office, student scholarships, athletic events and Student Union maintenance, equipment and utilities.

**Audits: Receive no credit or class participation. Not eligible for scholarship.

To set up installment payments go to the LCC Website ( and log into Redzone and select Account Information and set up a payment plan or contact the Business Office at (620) 421-6700 ext. 1231.

Tuition and fees are waived for Labette County Senior Citizen residents (60 years of age and over) enrolling in credit courses; however, the Senior Citizen will be responsible for any other fees and any required textbooks for the credit course.

Other Costs - (subject to change)

Application for Nontraditional Credit $45.00
CLEP Testing $87.00
CLEP Administration Fee $15.00
GED Testing $85.00
Insufficient or non-fund check charge $30.00
Transcripts $10.00
Service Fee $50.00

Per Course Fees

Art ^ $10.00 - $85.00
Biology - 5 credit hour^ $50.00 - $75.00
Introduction to Chemistry - 5 credit hour $75.00
College Algebra $100.00
College Chemistry I, II - 5 credit hour $75.00
Organic Chemistry I, II - 5 credit hour $75.00
Basic Chemistry I, II, III (no lab) $50.00
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (per course fee) $30.00
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Testing Fee $250.00
English Composition I $2.00
Graphic Design Technology $50.00
Introduction to Analytical Processes $100.00
Noncredit Personal Enrichment Varies
Nursing (Basic Nursing Course fees) $25.00**
Nursing (IV Therapy only) $30.00**
Nursing (1st year) ATI exam fees ^ $77.00 - $280.00**
Nursing (2nd year) ATI exam fees ^ $77.00 - $418.00**
Office Technology Courses per class $10.00
Photography $10.00-$83.00
Physical Education PED 116 - Lifetime Fitness $5.00
Physical Science $75.00
Physical Therapy Assistant Material fee $75.00-$200.00
Physics $30.00
Private Music per course $75.00
Private Music Lessons (1/2 hour per week) $75.00
Radiography Labs $15.00**
Radiography Material Fees $20.00
Respiratory Lab $15.00**
Respiratory Clinical $15.00**
Respiratory Material Fees $190.00-$390.00
Statistics $100.00
Student Success Skills
Writing Essentials & Pre-Composition $10.00

Other Per Credit Hour Fees

Health Care Courses
Cherokee Center
Computer Lab Courses
Online Courses $30.00
Hybrid Courses $15.00
Video Courses $25.00


^ = Amount depends upon courses enrolled
* = Other courses may have mandatory fees attached to cover cost of consumable supplies.
# = At the time of the printing, the amounts listed above were correct, but are subject to change. The most current charges are normally listed on the College website:
**This fee is in addition to the $15.00 credit hour fee for health care courses.