Cell Phones in the Classroom

Cell Phones in the Classroom 3.32

Labette Community College seeks to promote a teaching and learning environment free from classroom disruptions.

The following standards are intended to define acceptable classroom behavior with regard to cell phones that preserve academic integrity and ensure that students have optimum environmental conditions for effective learning.

As a member of the learning community, each student has a responsibility to other students who are members of the community. When cell phones or pagers ring and students respond in class or leave class to respond, it disrupts the class. Therefore, the Office of Instruction prohibits the use by students of cell phones, pagers, or similar communication devices during scheduled classes. All such devices must be turned off or put in a silent mode and cannot be visible during class. At the discretion of the instructor, exception to this policy is possible in special circumstances such as the use of cell phones as an instructional tool. Cell phones may not be dialed or answered in a classroom (including text messages, games, and other uses).

In testing situations, use of cell phones or similar communication devices may lead also to a charge of academic
dishonesty and additional sanctions under the Academic Honesty Procedure 3.07.