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Non-Instructional Staff

Personal & Professional Days

Full-time faculty members are given five personal days and five professional days an academic year. These days do not accumulate.




Full-time, 12-month non-instructional employees initially earn 12 days per year and 20 days per year after four years employment. Vacation is initially accrued at one day per month.

Employees are able to use vacation time after six months employment.

Full-time non-instructional employees working under 9-11 month contracts are given four personal days in lieu of vacation that may be used as soon as they are granted.

Sick Leave

Full-time faculty members and full-time non-instructional employees working under 9-11 month contracts are given ten days of sick leave per academic year. All other full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of one day per month of employment (12 days per year). For all employees, at the end of any fiscal year in which at least 30 days of sick leave have been accrued, a full 90 days of sick leave will be granted. Sick leave may be used once it has been accrued. A sick leave bank is available for employees suffering serious medical problems without enough sick leave to provide coverage.


The college observes 12 official holidays per year, and is normally closed for 9 working days during the Christmas/New Years holiday period with all working days being paid. The college observes 12 official holidays per year, and is normally closed for 9 working days during the Christmas/New Years holiday period with all working days being paid. Additional days are given during spring break week.


Employees are required to participate in the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS). After July 1, 2009, a 6% deduction will be required for all new hires with the state providing a match. Employee contributions are not lost when leaving employment before full vesting. Previous military and public teaching service may be purchased or applied to pension account. KPERS also includes life insurance coverage equal to approximately 1 1/2 times their annual salary, and the employee can purchase more at a very reasonable cost.

403B Accounts

Employees may voluntarily setup a 403B (like 401K) retirement savings account using our qualified plan and have their contributions deducted from their pay on a before taxes basis. LCC also has a 403B matching plan.

Cafeteria Plan

LCC offers a Security Flex 125 program that includes medical reimbursement, disability income insurance, group life insurance and a cancer policy.

Education Benefit

Employees and their dependents may attend credit classes at LCC with no tuition or miscellaneous fees charged. All staff have access to the book loan program as well.

Health & Life Insurance

Health Insurance is offered under the State of Kansas Health Insurance Plan. Under this plan you have a choice of Blue Cross & Blue Shield (BCBS) or Aetna. The providers offer services for in network and out of network with Plans A & C. Coverage starts on the first of the month following 30 days employment. Three levels of coverage for dependents are available under both plans. The rates vary depending on the plan selected. The college pays 90% of the cost of a single plan and an additional amount for plans that include dependent coverage.
Highlights of current medical coverage: All plans have no lifetime maximum, no deductibles, prescription coverage and two levels of optional vision coverage.
Highlights of life insurance coverage: The College provides a $15,000 life insurance policy, through One America, on each benefit eligible employee.
Highlights of current dental coverage: Delta Dental under both health insurance plans listed above.

  • Pays 100% for oral exams, cleaning and X-rays. Covered services are regular fillings, root canals, oral surgery, treatment of gum disease, bridges, crowns and dentures. Orthodontics is available but has a $1,000 lifetime maximum per person.
  • Per person, per plan year, is a $50 charge, not to exceed an annual family deductible of $150 for the more expensive treatments and the plan has a $1,700 per person yearly maximum benefit.

Highlights of current vision optional coverage: Surrency Vision, two plans are offered, basic and enhanced.


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