Unit/Dimensional Analysis Supplemental Review

Dimensional Analysis (also referred to as Unit Analysis) is in its most basic form, the mathematical process by which a system described in one unit of measurement is converted into a system described in another unit of measurement. The concept can be extended to more complicated systems with multiple actions taking part in the system. 

At its root, Dimensional Analysis makes use of two very simple mathematical concepts:

  1. Multiplying by special types of 1
  2. Cross Cancelation

Very few students struggle with Dimensional Analysis because they do not understand the above concepts. The problem is that these concepts can be extended far beyond what most students intuitively anticipate. Below is an introduction to the basics of Dimensional Analysis.  

Basic Dimensional Analysis

As indicated earlier, this basic concept can be extended to more complicated systems with multiple actions taking part. 

More Advanced Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis is found in many disciplines including Nursing, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and others. Below are some sample problems from various disciplines which some students may find beneficial. 

Warning:  If you are new to Dimensional Analyses and are seeking more than just review, please take the time to review the above videos before attempting to master the problems in the below videos. 

Nursing Dosage Calculations

Dimensional Analysis and Scientific Notation

Applications in Chemistry - (coming soon)

Applications in Physics - (coming soon)

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