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Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients | Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award Recipients

The Distinguished Faculty and Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Awards at Labette Community College were developed on the premise that faculty members who have performed in an exemplary manner should be publicly recognized and rewarded.

The criteria areas for the award are: teaching effectiveness, college service, involvement with students, and community engagement.

Who is eligible for the award?

Full-time Faculty who have completed at least four years of continuous teaching service at Labette Community College.

Who can nominate?

All LCC students, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and full-time employees.

All nominations are confidential. Nomination forms can be found online at www.labette.edu/hr or picked up in the Business Office

Deadline for Returning Forms: Thursday, April 11, 2024

Forms must be marked “Confidential” and returned to the Human Resource Office, SU207, or e-mailed to hr@labette.edu from your LCC e-mail address.

It is important to identify and honor our outstanding faculty. Please take this opportunity to pay tribute to the instructors who, in your opinion, represent the best of the profession.

Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients

2022-2023 Aaron Smith, Nursing
2021-2022 Cathy Kibler, Accounting and Business
2020-2021 Melissa Kipp, Graphic Design Technology
2019-2020 No winner
2018-2019 Ashley Moore, Radiography
2017-2018 Cathy Kibler, Accounting and Business
2016-2017 Melissa Kipp, Graphic Design Technology
2015-2016 Tom Duran, Communications
2014-2015 Tonya Bell, Communications
2013-2014 David Beach, Mathematics/Physics
2012-2013 Mr. Robert Bartelli, Economics & Financial Services
2011-2013 Ms. Kimberly Miller, Mathematics
2010-2011 Ms. Linda Gale Brown, Radiography
2009-2010 Russell Head, Recording Arts Technology
2008-2009 No winner
2007-2008 Dr. John Mack, History/Geography
2006-2007 Ms. Kim Miller, Mathematics
2005-2006 Ms. Melvetta Sevart, English
2004-2005 Ms. Karena Curtis, Mathematics
2004-2005 Mr. Robert Walker, Music
2003-2004 Ms. Rhonda Gilpin, Nursing
2002-2003 Dr. Doug Ecoff, Chemistry
2001-2002 Mr. David Beach, Mathematics/Physics
2000-2001 Dr. Dee Bohnenblust, Nursing
1999-2000 Mr. Christopher Laney, History
1998-1999 Mr. Joe Burke, Music
1997-1998 Ms. Mary Hiatt, Business/Computer Science
1996-1997 Ms. Mona Harris, Nursing
1995-1996 Ms. Sharon Gough, Accounting/Business
1994-1995 Dr. Doug Ecoff, Chemistry
1993-1994 Dr. Bharathi Sudarsanam, Biology


Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award Recipients

2020-2021 Luke Henke
2019-2020 No winner
2018-2019 Doug Baty
2017-2018 Tammy Fuentez
2016-2017 Sally Clay
2015-2016 Nancy Steinert
2014-2015 Sharla Hopper
2013-2014 Jason Sharp
2012-2013 Karen McGown
2011-2012 Seth Roach
2010-2011 Lucille McCune
2009-2010 Rick Bussinger
2008-2009 Elizabeth Walker
2007-2008 Ruth Penner
2006-2007 No award
2005-2006 Dr. William Wilcox
2004-2005 Ms. Cathy Kibler
2003-2004 Rev. John Chastain
2002-2003 Ms. Sara Davis
2001-2002 Ms. Connie Crooks
2000-2001 Mr. Dan Moss


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