Respiratory Therapy Application Process

Students interested in the Respiratory Therapy Program are admitted to Labette Community College on the same basis as other students, but admission to the college does not ensure admission into the Respiratory Therapy Program. Students may request an Application packet by contacting the Health Science Programs' Assistant at (620) 421-6700 ext. 1157 or by email at  

A new respiratory therapy class starts every fall semester. Preferential deadline for applications is July 18th.

Students are selected for the Respiratory Therapy Program based on the following factors:

LCC Respiratory Therapy
  1. Previous academic record, high school and/or college, GPA and ACT scores.

  2. TEAS Test Scores (schedule a test date with Tracey Elliott at (620) 421-6700 ext. 1157 or by email at

  3. Two personal references, one of which should be from a former instructor.

  4. Interview with clinical instructor at one of the clinical education settings.

  5. General education courses that satisfy the Respiratory Therapy curriculum.

  6. Satisfactory physical evaluation, verified by a physician (including immunization records).

  7. Signing the Conditions of Acceptance

  8. Submitting a background check.

Program Contacts

Kara Good, B.S., RRT

Respiratory Therapy Director
(620) 820-1160

Jennifer Harding, B.S., RRT

Clinical Coordinator
(620) 820-1161

Ross Harper

Adjunct Instructor
(620) 820-1241

Tracey Elliott

Health Science Programs' Assistant
(620) 820-1157