Respiratory Care Program Application Process

Those interested in the Respiratory Care Program are admitted to Labette Community College on the same basis as other students, but admission to the college does not ensure admission into the Respiratory Care Program. Applicants need to thoroughly read the LCC Respiratory Care Program Applicant Information Packet for the current application year. Applicants may request more program, application and profession information by contacting the Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant, Lori Weaver, at 620-820-1157 or the Respiratory Care Program Director, Susan Stolte at 620-820-1160

Selection for LCC’s Respiratory Care Program is based on the following factors:

  1. Previous academic record, high school and/or college official transcripts, GPA of 2.0 (minimum) based upon program general education prerequisite courses successfully completed with a “C” or above.
  2. Schedule a meeting with LCC’s Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant to go over program prerequisite course grades, course enrollment schedules to ensure you are on the correct course path to apply to the program when you intend to.
  3. General education courses that satisfy the Respiratory Care curriculum:
    1. Anatomy & Physiology (5 credit hour that includes lab) *must be completed within the last 5 years
    2. College Algebra (3 credit hour)
    3. English Comp I (3 credit hour)
    4. English Comp II or Public Speaking (3 credit hour)
    5. General Psychology (3 credit hour)
    6. Medical Terminology (3 credit hour)
  4. TEAS Test Scores 50%< - Schedule a test date for the TEAS test by emailing
  5. Three personal references, one of which should be from a former instructor or employer. *References from relatives will not be accepted.
  6. Clinical Observation with a clinical preceptor/instructor for an 8-hour day at one of the clinical education settings provided within the Respiratory Care Program Applicant Information Packet.
  7. Submitting a background check through Pre-Check. (*This is for clinical placement only and it is suggested applicants wait to submit this until May – June of the application year) LCC Respiratory Care Program Background Check 
  8. Submission/completion of LCC’s Respiratory Care Program Application by the deadline date.
    2024 LCC-Respiratory Care Program Application
    2024 LCC RC App-Reference-Form
    2024 LCC RC App-Observation-Form
    2023-2024 LCC TEAS Exam Schedule
  9. Upon completion of application requirements by the deadline date, applicants who have a complete and qualifying application will be scheduled an interview with the Respiratory Department by the Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant.
  10. After program applicant interviews have been completed, the Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant will prepare and distribute the official applicant decision letters via USPS. 


Program Contacts

Susan Stolte

Respiratory Care Program Director
(620) 820-1160

Jennifer Harding, BS, RRT

Clinical Coordinator
(620) 820-1161
Office Hours

Tiffany Kotzman, RRT-NPS

Respiratory Care Instructor & Lab Coordinator
(620) 820-1193

Lori Weaver

Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant
(620) 820-1157