Respiratory Care FAQ's

Why be an RT?

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How long is the Respiratory Care (RC) program?

The Respiratory Care program is a 2-year (22 month) Associate of Applied Science Degree program. The course of study for a Respiratory Therapist is comprised of 5 semesters, including summer months

What does the RC program schedule look like?

Classes vary by semester and consist of 2 days a week of classroom and laboratory instruction. After the first semester an additional 1 to 2 days of clinical practice will be completed as well.

Can any of the RC courses be completed online?

No, all courses are on campus or at a clinical site

When does the program begin?


When is the application deadline?

Early July of each calendar year, see the application for the current deadline

What are the pre-requisites?

A letter grade of “C (2.0 GPA)” is required for the following courses: English Composition I without OR with review; English Composition II OR Public Speaking; College Algebra; Anatomy and Physiology with lab; General Psychology; Medical Terminology

What is the approximate cost of the program?

The estimated cost for the 2-year program is approximately $9,000 to $11,000. This includes books, tuition, lab fees, and other supplies. The range in cost depends on whether the student is considered an in-state resident.

Will I be able to work while enrolled in the program?

The RC program is academically rigorous but is designed so students can work part-time. A lot of information is delivered in a short period of time, requiring for most students a period of adjustment during the first semesters of the program. We recommend that students not work full time during the program.

What is the expected salary and job outlook for a Respiratory Therapist?

 Respiratory Therapists : Occupational Outlook Handbook : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Program Contacts

Susan Stolte

Respiratory Care Program Director
(620) 820-1160

Jennifer Harding, BS, RRT

Clinical Coordinator
(620) 820-1161
Office Hours

Tiffany Kotzman, RRT-NPS

Respiratory Care Instructor & Lab Coordinator
(620) 820-1193

Lori Weaver

Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant
(620) 820-1157