Respiratory Care Students & Graduates

Program Graduates

After each new Respiratory Care Program cohort has been selected, the following information will be required of each program student.

Upon acceptance into LCC’s Respiratory Care Program, program students are required to:

    1. Sign the Respiratory Care Program Conditions of Acceptance
    2. Sign the Student Acceptance Form
    3. Complete a satisfactory physical evaluation, verified by a physician including up to date immunization records to include: 2-step TB skin test results, MMR(2) or Titer, Varicella(2) or Titer, Tetanus (within 10 years), Hep B (3) or waiver, 10 Panel Drug Screen (for clinical placement). Proof of current medical insurance along with other requirements or vaccinations the specific clinical site requires which may include but are not limited to the Flu and/or Covid-19.).
      1. Accepted applicants will receive the required physical evaluation/health record forms in their official acceptance letter packet. The applicant’s physician/healthcare provider must complete these specific forms as well as provide copies of immunization records/documents.
      2. A drug screen fee is included in the Respiratory Care Program Student Fee's. The program student will be notified prior to attending clinical when they are to complete their drug screen through Labette Health's 1902 U.S. 59, Parsons, KS 67357 location. Drug Screen's completed outside of the Parsons Labette Health location on the specified scheduled date will not be accepted nor covered under their Respiratory Care Program Student Fee's.
    4. Obtaining current BLS/CPR Certification for Healthcare Providers *A BLS/CPR course will be offered on LCC's Main Campus during the Fall Semester for Respiratory Care Program Students to complete this requirement. Online CPR Certification will not be accepted.
    5. Respiratory Care Students will be provided a Respiratory Care Program Student Handbook that contains specific information about the program to include the programs Academic/Didactic and Clinical Policies and Procedures in which each program student is required sign acknowledging they have read and agree to abide by throughout the duration of the program. For general LCC policies, see the LCC Catalog available on the College’s website,

Program Graduates

Graduates of the A.A.S., Respiratory Care program at Labette Community College are eligible to take the National Board for Respiratory Therapist Multiple Choice Exams. Kansas allows new graduates to obtain a limited licensure while sitting for board exams. Some states require a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credential to apply for a state licensure and a few states require the higher level of credentialing (Registered Respiratory Therapist or RRT). LCC Respiratory Care graduates are prepared for both the entry level, CRT and the advanced level, RRT exams. Program applicants who are located outside of Kansas should consult with the state licensing agency in the state where they are located to determine state licensure requirements. State licensing contacts are available at

Program Contacts

Susan Stolte

Respiratory Care Program Director
(620) 820-1160

Jennifer Harding, BS, RRT

Clinical Coordinator
(620) 820-1161
Office Hours

Tiffany Kotzman, RRT-NPS

Respiratory Care Instructor & Lab Coordinator
(620) 820-1193

Lori Weaver

Health Science Programs’ Administrative Assistant
(620) 820-1157