Strategic Enrollment Management
Completion Subcommittee

June 2021

  • After the All LCC presentations explaining Strategic Enrollment Management to the faculty and staff, employees volunteered to serve on the various subcommittees.
  • An initial Completion Subcommittee meeting was held in May to begin discussions.

September 2021

  • During the August 2021 inservice, the Completion Subcommittee met to begin brainstorming short-term and long-term activities to support the goals of the SEM Plan. The committee will narrow down the activities and begin to implement them in the next quarter.

December 2021

  • The short-term and long-term activities were determined during the past quarter. They were as follows:
    • Allow students to opt out of graduation versus opting in
      • Implementing for May 2022 graduation
    • Create new and effective ways to communicate with graduates
    • Create a visual guide for the steps for attending graduation
    • Increase the number of students that complete a degree check
      • During the fall term, advisors and students will be notified once they are eligible to complete the degree check (students who will be enrolled in or have completed 42 hours towards their declared major)

March 2022

  • Progress has been made on several of the activities of the subcommittee including the following:
    • Opt our process for graduation has been implemented
    • Subcommittee discussed several new communication options during January meeting

June 2022

  • Opt out vs Opt in update – 17 students didn’t respond to complete graduation paperwork, which is an increase (though the number of graduates also increased)