Strategic Enrollment Management
Retention Subcommittee

June 2021

  • After the All LCC presentations explaining Strategic Enrollment Management to the faculty and staff, employees volunteered to serve on the various subcommittees.
  • An initial Retention Subcommittee meeting was held in May to begin discussions.

September 2021

  • During the August 2021 inservice, the Retention Subcommittee met to begin brainstorming short-term and long-term activities to support the goals of the SEM Plan. The committee will narrow down the activities and begin to implement them in the next quarter.

December 2021

  • The short-term and long-term activities were determined during the past quarter. They were as follows:
    • Generate Early Academic Warnings (Potentially at Weeks 4 and 12)
      • Completed. Will add an 8 Week Warning for Spring 2022.
    • Create more social interaction events that involve students and staff
      • Continue to use Spirit Squad for certain LCC events
      • Hold pep rallies
      • Lunchtime activities, games, and monthly events for students and staff to interact with one another at
    • Train faculty/staff on walking students to needed location (more proactive in assisting)
      • Inservice reinforcement (During the November Inservice Day, employees heard a keynote address on customer service)
      • Cardinal Excellence Awards for going the extra mile
    • Identify current retention issues (reasons why students are not staying) and see if we need to adjust current processes/procedures
      • Exit interview data
      • Add/Drop form data
      • Student survey information
    • Improve class offerings, days, times
      • Survey was completed during the fall semester.
      • Change for 2022-2023 to block scheduling, Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday classes with Friday open
    • Advising Overhaul – develop an intrusive advising model with advisors/navigators
      • Research models to begin creation
    • Fix RedZone, add a mobile app
      • Review all student facing pages in RedZone
      • Work with other departments for possible upgrade
      • Add a mobile app
    • Additional housing for students
      • We have a no-compete clause with the Villas so we cannot secure additional housing
      • However, there is a housing insecurity issue developing so developing a committee to look at housing issues for all students is encouraged
    • Create cohorts/welcome culture for students as well as add staff mentors for students to help change the culture and help students make connections
      • Create mentorship committee who will develop activities
    • Financial Aid training for all staff to assist students better through the process
      • Originally planned for January 2022 but moved to August 2022

March 2022

  • Progress has been made on several of the activities of the subcommittee including the following:
    • 4 Week and 8 Week Early Alert Warnings completed
    • Could not add a question to the Student Satisfaction Inventory as needed due to using an outside vendor. Looking at another way to access information.
    • Fall 2022 schedule included the block scheduling changes
    • The college is reallocating money for an Advising Center including a Director of Advising and two general advisors. The new staff will be involved in the advising overhaul.
    • Mentorship Committee has been created and they are developing activities for Fall 2022

June 2022

  • Discussed enrollment issues at last meeting
  • Discussion on RedZone and how students learn to navigate. College Success and Orientation became part of the discussion, which may transfer to Onboarding
  • Mentorship Committee is laying groundwork to start in fall (small scale)